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The highlights of the CTRAA year are the summer party in the vicar's enormous garden in June and the much more intimate autumn party in Inverness Gardens in September (the picture above), where neighbours meet, drink and chat.

Join your Cherry Tree neighbours!

The Cherry Trees Residents' Amenities Association (CTRAA) is the neighbourhood association for Londoners who live in the Kensington Palace Conservation Area between Kensington Palace Gardens and Kensington Church Street. More details about the catchment area can be found on the page This is the CTRAA. Our aims are to improve our neighbourhood and to function as our representative towards the borough council and other authorities, as well as to provide opportunities for our members to meet each other and to enjoy other benefits from time to time, such as the local retailers discount scheme we have recently started.
We monitor planning applications (making submissions on behalf of the membership where appropriate), we keep an eye on the state of our beloved cherry trees, pavements, dog mess, traffic and parking, and contact the appropriate authorities when trees need to be replaced, pavements need to be repaired, dog mess becomes a problem, or the street sweeping stops working. We have also committee members who liaison with the police and keep the CTRAA members informed about crime in the area.

To provide opportunities for our members to meet, we host garden parties at which everyone is welcome (they are free to members and open to others upon payment of a small entrance fee). Our parties are generously sponsored by local businesses, so assured of a high standard of catering. Our party schedule is posted in the events calendar.

Together with local retailers we have also recently set up a discount scheme for our members, which you can read more about on the discount scheme page.

Our members help us to achieve all of this by paying an annual subscription which we use to further our aims. The annual subscription is £10 per person. We offer a discounted annual rate of £8 per person if you pay by standing order or pay for 3 years up front.

To join the CTRAA, please download and complete the membership form, and mail or deliver it by hand to:
Ashley McNeile
CTRAA membership secretary
48 Brunswick Gardens
London W8 4AN

I do hope that you will be encouraged to join us. If you would like any further details about the Cherry Trees, please do contact any member of the committee.

Yours faithfully
Charles Penney
Chairman, CTRAA

The CTRAA privacy policy

As a result of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018, the CTRAA has formulated its own privacy policy, which can be accessed here.