Events calendar

The dates for the 2018 CTRAA events

These are the dates for the CTRAA events in 2018:

The Summer Party
will be held in St. Mary Abbots' Vicarage’s garden on Thursday 7 June, starting at 6.30pm.
We had originally intended to hold the summer party a week later, but eventually realised that 14 June will be the first anniversary of the terrible Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. So, after consulting with the vicar, we have now moved it to 7 June.

The Autumn Party
will be held in Inverness Gardens, on Sunday 23 September, starting at noon.

The CTRAA Annual General Meeting
will be held in St Mary Abbots Church Hall in Vicarage Gate on Tuesday 27 November, starting at 8pm.
As usual, there will be drinks afterwards.