Useful links & numbers

Useful links and phone numbers
Page updated 16/11/2016

The Police
Notting Hill Police Station: 020-7221 1212
Crime Prevention: 020-8246 0169
Link to our local Campden ward police team
Link to crime trend map for the CTRAA area
Link to crime report map for the Campden ward
Link to Online Watch Link, a service delivering local crime alerts by email
Thames Water
Low water pressure enquiries: 0800 316 9800
Status map showing known leaks
(check before calling)
Report a leak by phone: 0800 714 614
Report a leak online:
click here
Refuse collection
Streetline: 020-7361 3001 (8.30am - 5.30pm)
To complain about rubbish collection online,
click here.
Collection of household waste in our area is done Mondays and Thursdays.
Clear recycling bags (packs of 18) are delivered every three months to all residents. Additional bags can be picked up at the Town Hall reception desk. For recycling items not accepted in the clear bags, check this link.
Collection of bulky waste: To order and pay for a 'Too Big for the Bin' collection online (cost £28.05 for 10 items), click here.
Instead of throwing away still functioning furniture and other items, why not donate items that are re-usable? The
London Re-Use network, promoted by our borough, consists of organisations that collect, repair and re-sell such items, enabling those on low income to buy affordable items and plowing the income into worthwhile activities. The two Re-use organisations operating in our borough are Resco and Staying First's furniture recycling arm Furnish. For information about donations to Resco, click here. To donate items to Furnish, check their website here.
Alternatively, one can offer things to others via the
Kensington and Chelsea Freecycle network - a sort of give-away eBay.
Please note: Garden waste is no longer collected by the council. Instead, households must either sign up with Zita/Suez (the council's refuse and recycling contractor) for an annual garden collection service at 020-7370 3221, or take their garden waste (free of charge for RBKC residents) to the Western Riverside Waste Authority at Smugglers Way (south of the river, west of Wandsworth Bridge). More information here.
Noise and nuisance
Environmental Healthline (24 hours): 020-7361 3002
The council’s noise and nuisance team operates 24 hours a day and responds to calls about things like noisy neighbours, disturbing building or road works, and disturbing burglar or car alarms.
Animal warden services
Streetline: 020-7361 3001 (8.30am - 5.30pm)

This is the number to call if you want to report dog fouling or problems with dogs or other animals.
Lost dogs and cats
If you have lost or found a dog or cat, you can call the
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home’s Lost Dogs & Cats Line for assistance: 020-7627 9245. Open 8am - 7pm seven days a week. For contained stray dogs, the council's animal warden service can also be contacted, at 020-7361 3001 (8.30am - 5.30pm)
Roads & pavements
Streetline: 020-7361 3001 (8.30am - 5.30pm) or email
To report faulty street lights online,
click here
To report litter, fly tipping or dog fouling online,
click here
To report blocked street drains online,
click here
To report potholes or damaged pavements online,
click here
To report abandoned cars or bicycles online,
click here
To report graffiti and flyposting online,
click here
Please note: The RBKC Local Services app, downloadable here for iPhones and iPads and here for Android phones and tablets, can also be used for reporting all the above things. Very convenient when spotting something while out and about.
Resident parking permit problems and renewals: 020-7361 4381
Information about removed cars: 0845 206 8 602
The form for applying for a resident parking permit the first time,
can be found here
To apply for permit renewal online (pin and reference number needed),
click here
To apply for a parking suspension online,
click here
For advice on tree works, contact the council‘s arboricultural section: 020-7361 2767.
To report a dangerous tree, email or call 020 7361 3012 (8.30am - 5.30pm).
To report non-urgent overhanging trees online,
click here
Parking suspensions for skips and scaffolding
Applying for a permit online,
click here.
Complaints: 020-7361 3001 (8.30am - 5.30pm)
To report a dangerous building or structures
Call 020-7361 3838 Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm
Call 020-7937 3000 at nights, weekends and holidays

The council's email notification services
Within its MyRBKC service, the council operates a very good email notification system, where one can subscribe to information about upcoming street works and parking suspensions, new planning applications and/or decisions, new licensing applications, new tree applications and/or decisions, and a list of the council's upcoming key decisions (the "Forward Plan").
To subscribe to any of the council's email notification services, create a MyRBKC account by clicking here.