This is the CTRAA

This is the CTRAA

The aim of The Cherry Trees Residents’ Amenities Association is to improve our neighbourhood and to function as our representative towards the Council and other authorities.

The association started in 1968, at a time when Palace Gardens Terrace and Vicarage Gate handled all the southbound traffic (Church Street was only for the northbound traffic), when many houses were rather run down, and when we had problems with curb-crawling (yes, we had ladies of the night living here).
Since then the CTRAA has managed to turn our area into a quiet oasis between Notting Hill Gate and Kensington High Street (except for the Church Street traffic, of course).
Besides working on improving the area, the CTRAA also functions as a get-together for the neighbours. Each year we have two or three garden parties in the spring and summer, a combined AGM and drinks party in November, and some years a children's party as well.

The CTRAA has currently some 400 members. Membership is open to all residents living in:
Palace Gardens Terrace
Strathmore Gardens
Berkeley Gardens
Brunswick Gardens
Inverness Gardens
Vicarage Gardens
Vicarage Gate
Kensington Mall
Lucerne Mews
Rabbit Row
Melon Place
and on the east side of Kensington Church Street between Kensington Mall and Vicarage Gate.

The membership fee is £6 per person for one year, or £15 for three years. If you are interested in joining, please contact our membership secretary, Ashley McNeile. His details can be found on the committee members page.
If you want to see more details in the aerial photo, just click on it.